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Each and every day, employees violate wage and hour laws. This includes missed meal breaks and rest breaks, overtime pay, and in some instances a misclassification of a work status (independent contractor versus employee status). Just because you are paid a salary, does no mean you do not deserve overtime pay. Companies are able to save a lot of money by cutting these corners and bending the rules. Further, many individuals are retaliated against when they speak up. You work hard and should be paid for all hours lawfully worked.

Thankfully, California legislation (and related Federal law) protects individuals (and classes of individuals) who have not been paid correctly. This legislation, including the California Labor Code, often times provides additional statutory penalties as well as attorney’s fees for wage and hour violations.

Common wage and hour violations include:

  • Failure to provide ten-minute rest breaks every fourth hour worked;
  • Failure to provide uninterrupted thirty-minute meal breaks every fifth hour worked;
  • Failure to provide additional meal and rest breaks for longer work shifts;
  • Failure to provide minimum wage;
  • Failure to reimburse for worker expenditures;
  • Failure to correctly classify a worker and thus entitling the worker to overtime and meal/rest breaks (commonly known as “misclassification”);
  • Failure to provide accurate pay stubs.

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