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Employment Law – Wage and Hour Violation – How Justice Law Group of San Diego Can Help

The Justice Law Group of San Diego will do everything we can to help while you get through the stress that lack of payment and litigation comes from. You need to know your rights are being protected, while you are trying to take care of your personal life. Not being fully compensated for your work can be a frustrating and painful matter.

The Employment Law and Wage and Hour lawyers at the Justice Law Group of San Diego provide you with a free evaluation to identify all damages as well as potential assets to aid in recovery of your Wage and Hour case. We will deploy investigators when necessary and use our legal experience to properly assess your claim. Our San Diego based Employment Law Attorneys Cameron J. Gharabiklou and Nicholas J. Lewis understand the issues that come with not receiving just compensation for the work performed. California law provides that you are entitled to all employment policies, contracts, and related documents within 21 days of request. We will immediately force the employer to turn these documents over even prior to filing a lawsuit. We will immediately retrieve all relevant documents to assist your case, including all available cell phone records and any relevant video records, work reports, prior accident reports, litigation history, police reports, disciplinary action reports, and other relevant documentation. Seeking the prompt advice of an experienced attorney to discuss the damages and the recovery process are key. We prepare each case to maximize the value for you before the trier of fact, whether it be a judge, jury, or arbitrator. How much do we believe in our ability to successfully fight for you? If we take your case, you pay NO ATTORNEYS FEES, unless and until we recover payment for you. At the Justice Law Group of San Diego, you will not be passed to a secretary or paralegal, instead you will speak to the Employment Law and Wage and Hour lawyers who will be handling your case all the way through trial when necessary. Call us today.  858.412.0019 or contact@justice-lawgroup.com