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Wrongful Death Attorney San Diego

Losing a loved one cannot compare to any other pain. It is hard enough losing someone to natural causes. Losing someone due to wrongful death and the negligence of someone else is devastating. Often times, “accidents” are rarely an accident. In San Diego, cases referred to as “wrongful death” matters are usually brought on behalf of the deceased (the person who has died) by his or her surviving spouse, child, or parent.

Wrongful death matters in California are found in a variety of circumstances, including but not limited to:

  • Medical mistakes
  • Car or airplane accidents
  • Criminal attacks such as a murder
  • Work-related exposure to dangerous conditions or substances
  • Death during a supervised activity
  • A pedestrian being killed by a drunk driver
  • Airplane Crash
  • Nursing home death
  • Defective product
  • Workplace accident/fall
  • Recreational vehicle accident

It is not uncommon for insurance companies to offer immediate payments to the family of the deceased in a wrongful death. As is true whenever insurance companies step in, they are looking to make the smallest payment available in order for the recipient to waive their right to pursue more in damages. It is important to remember that the insurance industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Those profits come from using tactics like those described above.  The quicker the insurance company offers payment, the more likely it is that they are aware of the potential liability they have in a wrongful death case.

Personal Injury – Wrongful Death– Understanding the law in San Diego

If a wrongful death case is taken to court, judges and juries will decide your amount of damages. They are a variety of factors that determine how much in damages you have suffered. You may have lost your sole financial support, lost services, or endured pain and suffering, mental anguish, lost prospect of inheritance, income, and medical or funeral costs. Damages meant to punish the person or entity that caused the death called “punitive damages” may also apply where cruelty or irreprehensible conduct (malice) was involved.

It is important that you consult with a Personal Injury and Wrongful Death lawyer before the statute of limitations for filing a wrongful death lawsuit expires. Our wrongful death case consultation is free and because we work on a contingency basis, you will not pay anything unless we win your case.

Personal Injury – Wrongful Death– How we can help

The Personal Injury lawyers in San Diego at Justice Law Group will do everything we can to help you during this extremely difficult time. You need to know your rights are being protected, while you are trying to take care of everything else that comes with such a tragedy. The loss of a loved one, whether a spouse, a parent or a child, is understandably devastating and a tragedy for all involved. When that fatal accident is suffered as a result of another person’s or company’s negligence, the law recognizes that it should not fall on the family to suffer the full burden of the consequences. 

We understand that money cannot bring back or replace your loved one. It can ease your financial liabilities and allow you to deal with the emotional aspect of your loss. If the insurance company does not offer you a fair settlement, we will take your case to court to recover the damages you deserve.

The Justice Law Group of San Diego provides you with a free evaluation to identify all damages as well as potential assets to aid in recovery. We will deploy investigators when necessary and use our legal experience to properly assess your claim. Attorneys at the Justice Law Group understand the pain and suffering that an injured party endures after losing a loved one. Seeking the prompt advice of an experienced San Diego wrongful death attorney to discuss the accident, the wrongful death and the recovery process are key. We prepare each case to maximize the value for you before the trier of fact, whether it be a judge, jury, or arbitrator – as well as the insurance companies. 

How much do we believe in our ability to successfully fight for you? If we take your case, you pay NO ATTORNEYS FEES, unless and until we recover payment for you.  At the Justice Law Group of San Diego, you will not be passed to a secretary or paralegal, instead, you will speak to the Personal Injury and Wrongful Death lawyers who will be handling your case all the way through trial when necessary. Call us today. 858.412.0019 or contact@justice-lawgroup.com