Sexual Harassment

Employment Law Sexual Harassment Lawyer San Diego

Sexual harassment is a legal form of sex discrimination that, sadly, affects many people in San Diego every year. The state and federal legislatures have taken strong stances against sexual harassment. In California, common law and state law – the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, also know as FEHA (Government Code section 12920 et. seq.) provide for serious remedies including attorney fees, punitive damages, and compensatory damages. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 provides for similar remedies under Federal Law. Sexual harassment can lead to wrongful termination, constructive termination (when one is forced to quit), or feeling awkward and abused while at work, which can be considered a “hostile work environment.”

Sexual harassment should be examined based on the totality of the circumstances, such as the nature of the conduct and the conduct in which the incident(s) occurred. It is determined on a case-by-case basis. Sexual harassment may occur when sexually suggestive talk, advances, pictures, physical touching, emails, text messages, and humor become severe or pervasive in the workplace, create a hostile work environment or affect an individual’s employment. It is an offense that disrupts the workplace and holds serious consequences for those found liable. Often times, the perpetrator will abuse a position of power such as a supervisor or manager, but it can also occur through a co-worker. A company may also be liable for the harassment. While sexual harassment may be subtle and psychological, it may also be overt and physical. Victims of sexual battery should contact an experienced San Diego Employment Law and Sexual Harassment lawyer to pursue legal action for the compensation and justice they deserve.

The California Labor Code provides for a means by which you can seek all employment records, employment policies, complaints, and other items that may be relevant to your case even prior to filing a lawsuit. The Justice Law Group of San Diego will immediately request all such documents to assist you and better evaluate your case, a request that your employer (or ex-employer) is required to honor. We will immediately investigate your claim, hiring an investigator where necessary, and making sure to preserve all evidence including electronic communications, phone records, videotapes, and social networking communications. Preservation of this evidence can be crucial to your case. Our San Diego Employment Law and Sexual Harassment lawyers will also retain economic experts, mental health experts, human resource experts, and other experts when necessary to strengthen and prove your case.

Choosing the right representation is important. Call our San Diego Employment Law and Sexual Harassment lawyers at the Justice Law Group today for a free consultation. The Justice Law Group of San Diego does not require payment by our clients for attorneys’ fees during the course of our representation of your Employment Law and Sexual Harassment case. If we take your case, we agree to be paid attorneys’ fees only if we win a recovery for you through settlement or court proceedings. We understand the strains that sexual harassment can bring, and we want our clients to know we are as invested in their case as they are. We believe in our ability to achieve results for our clients. We have achieved substantial settlements in sexual harassment cases in San Diego and would like to talk about how we will fight for you. 

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