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Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Harassment and Employment Law in San Diego


I feel like I have been sexually harassed, what information should I collect?

Keep all documents that outline the sexual harassment in your possession. This may include text messages, photographs, work reports, emails, written incident reports, and many other forms of documentation. Make a list of each date and incident that occurred. Also, make sure to keep track of any witnesses who were present or may have information about each occurrence.

I feel like I have been sexually harassed, what should I do?

If you are still employed, speak to a supervisor/manager about what has occurred. It is very important that any sexual harassment is documented to establish that you tried to take action to correct the problem. Be proactive, often times sexual harassment continues due to fear on the part of those being sexually harassed.

I want to talk to an Employment Law and Sexual Harassment lawyer in San Diego, how much will it cost?

To speak to an Employment Law and Sexual Harassment attorney at the Justice Law Group of San Diego it is FREE.  The Justice Law Group of San Diego does not require payment by our clients for attorneys’ fees during the course of our representation of your Employment Law and Sexual Harassment case. If we take your case, we agree to be paid attorneys’ fees only if we win a recovery for you through settlement or court proceedings.

I am worried about my professional reputation if I pursue Sexual Harassment litigation against my employer.

You should not have to stand for someone being sexually harassed. As San Diego attorneys, far too often we see cases where harassment continues without being reported due to fear of losing a job, harming one’s reputation, or being embarrassed. Unfortunately, sexual harassment generally tends to become more extreme until it reaches a boiling point. There are ways that the Justice Law Group of San Diego can protect not only your rights, but your professional reputation, including making sure that your employer or the person who discriminated against you does not say anything negative about you or harm your ability to maintain your livelihood.

What can I expect to gain from hiring an Employment Law and Sexual Harassment attorney?

We can fully evaluate your damages; including informing you about how damages are not only based on your current damages, but also how the injuries may affect your future. You may be entitled to damages for loss of income, emotional distress (pain and suffering), attorney fees, and punitive damages. The Justice Law Group of San Diego will take care of every detail so you can concentrate on the most important thing – your recovery. Employers often carry insurance, whose companies have strategies and tactics they employ so they do not have to pay you full compensation for your damages. Insurance companies make billions of dollars by denying proper or full payment to damaged parties. We will immediately retrieve all relevant documents to assist your case, including all available cell phone records and any relevant video records, work reports, prior accident reports, litigation history, police reports, disciplinary action reports, and other relevant documentation. The Employment Law and Sexual Harassment lawyers at the Justice Law Group of San Diego will fight for you to get you justice and financial compensation.

How soon after the sexual harassment should I speak with an Employment Law and Sexual Harassment attorney?

You should speak to an attorney immediately. Speaking with an Employment Law attorney in San Diego will not only assist you in recovery, but it will also prevent your case from being negatively impacted through misstatements to the other party, spoliation of evidence, actions due to fear or pressure, and an insurance company “lowballing” you.

I have never been involved in a lawsuit before, should I be concerned?

Absolutely not. The Justice Law Group of San Diego may not even need to file a lawsuit, often times we can successfully negotiation a successful outcome with either the offending party or insurance company early in the process. If your case does go through the litigation process, the Justice Law Groups Employment Law and Sexual Harassment Lawyers will fight to protect your rights and provide aggressive representation.

I am not sure if what happened to me qualifies as sexual harassment or if I am being too sensitive?

Regardless of the circumstance surrounding your case, you have nothing to lose by calling the Justice Law Firm of San Diego to discuss what has happened to you. Employment Law and Sexual Harassment attorneys at the Justice Law Group  of San Diego knows the applicable state and federal laws that govern sexual harassment cases. Our attorneys will provide you with a free evaluation to identify all damages as well as potential assets to aid in recovery of your Sexual Harassment case. Any conversation you have with any Employment Law attorney at the Justice Law Group is completely confidential.

At the Justice Law Group of San Diego, you will not be passed to a secretary or paralegal, instead you will speak to the Employment Law and Sexual Harassment lawyers who will be handling your case all the way through trial when necessary. Call us today.  858.412.0019 or