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How We Can Help With A Catastrophic Injury and Personal Injury in San Diego

San Diego based Personal Injury and Catastrophic Injury Attorneys at the Justice Law Group understand the pain and suffering that an injured party endures after a catastrophic injury.  Seeking the prompt advice of an experienced Catastrophic Injury and Personal Injury attorney to discuss the accident, the personal injuries and the recovery process are key. Do not wait until it is too late. Often times the victims of catastrophic accidents are offered some version of compensation from an insurance company of the at-fault party. Be very careful in your consideration of this offer. If you accept a settlement from the insurance company, even if your condition gets worse in the future, the insurance company has no obligation to further compensate you for your injuries. Insurance companies are profit-motivated businesses. Their goal is to maximize profits, which mean paying out as little as possible to make the personally injured party happy, even if it does not result in full compensation.

At the Justice Law Group of San Diego, we understand the catastrophic injury claim laws and how they apply to each clients’ particular case. We prepare each Personal Injury case to maximize the value for you before the trier of fact, whether it be a judge, jury, or arbitrator – as well as the insurance companies. If you (or a loved one) have been injured, we will fight to ensure you are fairly compensated and justice is achieved.

How much do we believe in our ability to successfully fight for you? If we take your case, you pay NO ATTORNEYS FEES, unless and until we recover payment for you.  At the Justice Law Group of San Diego, you will not be passed to a secretary or paralegal, instead you will speak to the Personal Injury and Catastrophic Injury lawyers who will be handling your case all the way through trial when necessary. Call us today. 858.412.0019 or