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Frequently Asked Questions About Contract Disputes and Business Law in San Diego

I have a contract dispute, what information should I collect?

Make sure you maintain all of the documents outlining any agreements you entered into, including the parties involved, relevant dates, and what was agreed to. Maintain all communications relating to such including, without limitation, emails, faxes and confirmation reports, phone records, text messages, and any social networking communications. In this day and age of technology, communications such as these can be extremely important in helping to prove your case. It can be used as evidence to support your claims and refute the other sides. Always gather contact information for any witnesses to the dispute.

I have a contract dispute, what should I do?

First and foremost, document everything that has occurred and continues to occur in relation to this matter including communications. Make sure you also speak with a Business Law attorney as soon as possible to have your case evaluated. We recommend that you do not speak with the other side (Defendant(s) or their attorneys as well as any insurance company representing them) without speaking to a lawyer first. Insurance companies make billions of dollars by denying proper or full payment to damaged parties. We will fight for you to get you justice and financial compensation.

I want to talk to a Business Law and Contract Law lawyer in San Diego, how much will it cost?

To speak to an attorney at the Justice Law Group it is FREE. The Justice Law Group does not require payment by our clients for attorneys’ fees during the course of our representation. If we take your case, we agree to be paid attorneys’ fees only if we win a recovery for you through settlement or court proceedings.

What can I expect to gain from hiring a Contract Law attorney?

As attorneys, we will use our knowledge and experience to fully evaluate your potential damages and claims and effectively outline a plan for moving forward with litigation. This includes identifying potential assets and defendants, utilizing relevant experts to evaluate and assist your claim, identifying the best venue and forum for your lawsuit, and preparing a path to settlement and trial. We will immediately retrieve all relevant documents to assist your case, including all available cell phone records and any relevant video records, work reports, prior accident reports, litigation history, police reports, disciplinary action reports, and other relevant documentation. The Business Law and Contract Dispute lawyers at the Justice Law Group of San Diego will take care of the relevant steps so you can concentrate on your life, your business, and your family.

How soon after the contract dispute should I speak with a Business Law attorney?

You should speak to a Contract Dispute Lawyer  immediately. Speaking with an attorney will not only assist you in recovery, but it will also prevent your case from being negatively impacted through spoliation of evidence, misstatements to the other party(ies) or the attorney(ies) or insurance company(ies).

I have never been involved in a lawsuit before, should I be concerned?

Absolutely not. Unfortunately, litigation is a part of today’s world. Sometimes litigation is the only way to move forward and gain closure. The Justice Law Group of San Diego may not even need to file a lawsuit, often times we can successfully negotiation a successful outcome with either the offending party or insurance company early in the process. Insurance companies make billions of dollars by denying proper or full payment to damaged parties. If your case does go through the litigation process, Justice Law Group’s Business Law and Contract Dispute lawyers will protect your rights and provide aggressive representation.

At the Justice Law Group of San Diego, you will not be passed to a secretary or paralegal, instead you will speak to the Business Law and Contract lawyers who will be handling your case all the way through trial when necessary. Call our San Diego Lawyers today. 858.412.0019 or